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Effectively sanitising residential properties and business premises such as shops, restaurants, pubs, nursing homes, offices etc. It is a hot topic at the moment and we have been using the recent weeks to learn new skills in order to expand our offering and provide a new service. Lemon Cleaning is now fully qualified to use ‘Fogging’ as an effective technique to sanitise premises for decontamination and prevention of bacterial spread.

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What is bio fogging?

Bio-Fogging and Chemical Fogging have been around for a long time for deodorising and sanitising interior spaces.

The current situation has pushed fogging into the mainstream and is now recognised as the best way of decontaminating and helping to prevent the spread of infection.

So, what is fogging? For our purposes we use ULV Foggers which produce a fine mist with a droplet size measured in microns. The biocide particles in the mist or fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria and create a film over surfaces. These modern antimicrobials also have a residual factor, meaning once dry the antimicrobial will keep working effectively creating nanoscopic spikes which are harmless to humans and animals but destructive to the envelope of the virus by piercing it and making the virus unable to work properly and therefore eventually die off.

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The chemicals in our fogging system

Our Deep Clean/Disinfectant Service kills up to 99.9999% of microbes including coronavirus SARS-COV2* and it is recommended for prevention and decontamination in residential and commercial properties.

To ensure best practice and enactment of BIO Hazard Infection Control our service includes a thorough clean first of touch points and surfaces as listed below and a Bio fog creating a film of virus killing antimicrobial treatment which will keep killing for weeks in low traffic areas.

All our work is tested (using chemical level strips) to ensure the correct levels of antimicrobial agents have been used to decontaminate your premises. You will be provided with a certificate which you can then use to demonstrate that your premises have been decontaminated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for food places?

We use a specialised formula called 429FC NHS and Government recommended which can also be to used in kitchens as it is safe for Food Contact surfaces to use in food prep areas including refrigerators, freezers, cold displays, salad bars, microwaves, stainless steel surfaces, canopies and chopping boards.

How can I book?

If you feel like this could be of value, I am more than happy to either discuss on the phone or come in to see you (with social distancing in mind).

What areas do you service for fogging?

We cover most areas in the Devon area for fogging including: Bideford, Barnstaple, South Molton, Tiverton, Exeter, Ilfracombe and Bude.

Who can benefit from fogging?

Fogging and premises sanitising is highly recommended for places such as Schools, shops, surgery’s, places of worship, hotels, caravans, gyms and fitness centres, theatres and cinemas, showrooms etc.

How soon can I use the building after?

Once the process has been undertaken, the building would be suitable for use after 60 mins. Once your premises are once again open to the public it is recommended to do a full fogging once a month but I understand in the current climate not everyone is able or willing to pay for such a service. A lot of my clients are going for the initial treatment on the pretence of peace of mind to there customers and employees. If you wanted to have your business monthly fogged I would offer a more generous discount etc.